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Accessibility is Beautiful 

SAVE THE DATE September 10th 2022

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Accessibility is Beautiful is returning

September 10th 2022 

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Accessibility is Beautiful 2022, will even bigger and better than last year if that is even possible. It will be held at the Steel yard, Providence RI and part of PVD Fest this year. We are excited to have even more food trucks, vendors, artists from all areas of art and businesses included. More details will be posted as we confirm.

RAMP has been selected to present the PRESIDENTIAL SERVICE AWARDS to individuals who are shinning stars at community service. There is 4 levels Bronze, Silver, Gold and the lifetime achievement award. Download the service log, fill in and return to RAMPtina@yahoo.com by

August 1st, 2022. All individuals that meet the criteria and confirmed will receive their award at the Accessibility is Beautiful event Sept 10, 2022.

Community service hours need to be completed between August 1,2021 thru August 1, 2022, 

True Inclusion Matters

Everyone is welcomed at Tina's Table

"Tina's Table." Rendering: The Steel Yard

One of the state’s biggest inclusion and accessibility advocates will be unveiling a new project on Tuesday in Providence — that she believes has the ability to change lives. 

Tina Guenette Pedersen, along with members of The Steel Yard, will be unveiling “Tina’s Table,” which will feature bench seating designed to look like powered or manual wheelchairs — as well as room for up to three functional wheelchairs. 

For Pedersen, a four-time cancer survivor, four-time stroke survivor, survivor of two heart attacks, and motorized wheelchair-user, it’s all about having “a seat at the table.” 

“Every time I go to an event — I just want a seat on a table,” said Pedersen, the founder of RAMP (Real Access Motivates Progress). “I want to make the statement that when we sit down, we’re all the same and we can share our ideas from the same place. There’s always room to make space for us at the ‘end.’ I want it in the middle —  I want to be there and speak my mind.”

“I want to provide space for service dogs, moms with strollers...there is no part of this table this isn’t accessible and functional and just plain beautiful,” said Pedersen. “This table represents everyone.”


Partnering with The Steel Yard

Pedersen spoke with GoLocal about partnering with The Steel Yard several years ago — and strengthening the bonds since then. 

“Back in 2019, we started working together. I love their space, but found there was a lot I couldn’t get to, so I became fast friends with them,” said Pedersen. 

That partnership led to increased accessibility at the location, to allow wheelchair users the ability to take part in jewelry-making to blacksmithing — “everything down to the bathrooms,” said Pedersen of the effort. 

That was just the beginning. 

“Because RAMP doesn’t charge for what we do, and we’re both nonprofits, I said let’s partner for an event, and to reach out to businesses to be more accessible,” said Pedersen. “That’s where ‘Accessibility is Beautiful’ came from. I said let’s offer a public project about disability in art  — I had this idea for some time and said I just need someone to bring it to life .”

“This design was developed with our apprentices and staff, and fabrication will be completed in our accessible metal shop. There is room for everyone at Tina’s Table,” said Howie Sneider with The Steel Yard.

The project will be officially unveiled at 11:30 AM on Tuesday morning in Kennedy Plaza — but Pedersen hopes the design gains traction, especially among local businesses.

“Right now, it’s the perfect time for this table,” said Pedersen. “‘Take it Outside’ — what did it do? It took the closest parking spots [next to restaurants] for outdoor tables. So then what happened? We can’t get to the [parking] spots that were there before. People need these tables.”

For Pedersen, there are no excuses for businesses and restaurants not to be accessible 

“There’s a lot of money for businesses to be ADA federally compliant,” said Pedersen. “The good thing about this table, it can be made to fit your dimensions.”

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 Our CEO/President Wins Regional Title USA Ambassador Mrs. Southern New England 2022

A community service-based competition as the only person of physical disability to compete

On July 23rd, She will be driving to Florida to interview for a yearlong job of a lifetime. Competing for the National USA Ambassador & SLICC Ambassador (SLICC- Success through Leadership, Integrity, Character and Confidence) titles will be an amazing opportunity. As the only person of physical disability to compete at this level is barrier breaking and a chance to prove we can do anything we put our minds too. One of the top prizes is a mission trip to one of 26 locations in the world. Imagine sending a wheelchair user to help others in the world, and the message that says to all? She put in the work and completed so much community service which is just who she is and ready to bring these titles home to Rhode Island.

As you can imaging driving 20 1/2 hours alone in her her wheelchair will be interesting. Stopping along the way at rest stops for gas, rest and restrooms will be a challenge if not accessible. The hotel stays, travel expenses are costly and where she needs your help. If you would like to support her journey to these barrier breaking titles you can

VENMO: @RAMPTina    Or     PAYPAL: ramptina@yahoo.com     (note: Road to Nationals)

Any business that wants to be a sponsor can message her for sponsor packet and it will be a tax deductible sponsorship. You will also get social media exposure in our SPONSOR SPOTLIGHTS.

This adventure means so much to not only her but the entire disability community to let everyone know we need to be seen and heard. We need to not be judged on what you think we can’t do but celebrated for what we can. She is Looking forward to making Rhode Island proud and a leader for inclusion for all. Any extra monies will be donated to RAMP real access motivates progress to help continue the initiatives for accessibility and inclusion for all.


  Congratulations to includesign CEO Diana Perkins and RAMP board Secretary on being named one of the Rhode Island Inno 2021 "5 Under 25"! Diana was selected "not just for her achievements, but for her ability to focus on the LapSnap's target customer while building the product." 
Read more about Diana, includesign, and her fellow honored entrepreneurs in the latest edition of The Business Journal Rhode Island (https://www.bizjournals.com/rhodeisland/inno/stories/inno-insights/2021/09/14/meet-rhode-island-innos-2021-5-under-25.html).   

Tina Guenette Pedersen, Honored with Inaugural Christianna Carteaux Bannister Award from RI Monthly Magazine, November 2021


RAMP is a 501c3 nonprofit and 100% volunteer organization. All donations are tax deductible and will help the disability community through affordable accessibility and assistance. All donations are used directly to support accessibility, programs and initiatives. We thank you in advance for helping us make a difference in making the lives of the disability community full, enriched and inclusive today.  

Donations Welcomed and Tax Dedictable

Accessible projects 

Tina's Table

The Steel Yard is currently taking orders for 'Tina's Tables' and scheduling Spring - Summer 2022 installations. Contact the Steel Yard to pre-order your table today. Discounts are available with orders larger than 4. Each table is custom made and available in a variety of Powder Coated colors. All labor is performed in our fully accessible industrial arts studios in Providence. A portion of proceeds from each Table supports ongoing collaboration between the Steel Yard and RAMP real access motivates progress. For more information or to place an order email Projects at thesteelyard.org or Call 401-369-7776

  This table is not only functional, beautiful and inclusive but it creates a statement that when we all gather at the table we are all the same.    

Click the picture for more information from

The  Steel Yard

Our Goals

Elementary, Middle, High Schools

 - Assembly presentations about disability, bullying & life curve balls 

- Book readings, discussions and Q & A

- Disability sensitivity



- Accessibility assessments - how to make your business accessible and disability friendly in an affordable way.

- Access 101: Accessibility Design Standards for a Small Business

- Hiring People with Disabilities

- Disability Sensitivity Training   

- Untapped: How to Market to People with Disabilities

- Create YouTube videos to promote accessible businesses on our channel

 College and Specialty Schools

- Presentations about disability types and interactions

- Disability Sensitivity Training 

- Advocacy in college and the future workplace for individuals with a disability 


Disability Community

-We connect the proper resources with the individuals in need.

-We offer support groups on many different topics and areas.

-We plan to offer financial assistance to those needing wheelchairs, generators, ramps, grab bats and more. 

We need sponsors and grants before this  can be offered



- Available for panel discussions in a wide variety of topics, inclusive event planning, and private consulting to help ensure your event is welcoming to all. 

RAMP is always open to partnering for events. We promote inclusion and would love to be part of your community. Feel free to contact us for more information, or inquiries on ways we can partner. 


Together we can make inclusion a REALITY!

First barrier we break is

ALL services are FREE!!

If you like what we do, we ask you make a donation to the Organization. 


T-Shirt Store

Many styles, themes & colors to choose 

RAMP red bag initiative

Save lives and get your bags

Please comment you address,

# of bags requesting


RAMP LIVE video Podcasts Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm EST

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Oak Street Health

With guest

Isabel Ramirez-Burnett

Outreach Executive   

website: www.Oakstreethealth.com

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The Arc Rhode Island to learn about the Circle of Connections

With guests

Ken Renaud

Associate Director of The Arc Rhode Island

Christina Battista

Group LeaderWith

guest HOST Diana Perkins

Website: ri.thearc.org

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Air travel, anywhere travel & more as persons of disability

with guests

Jenny Siegle

Sports Producer/Advocate/Public Speaker

Jennifer McWilliams Mendenhall

Mom, Disability Advocate, TED presenter

Codi Mendenhall

Sophomore in High School, TED presenter, Disability Advocate  

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The Contemporary Theater Company

With guests

Merynn Flynn

Actress who uses a wheelchair

Tammy Brown

Artistic Director of Contemporary Theater Company

Website: https://www.contemporarytheatercompany.com

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Save with Able accounts

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Chris Civittolo

529 Savings Program Director

Vicki Cullinan Ferrara

Coordinator, Access to Integrated Employment, Sherlock Center on Disabilities at RI College

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Home Mobility Pros

With guest

Matthew McGuire - Business Development

Learn all about your home accessibility needs and how to pay for it.

website: www.homemobilitypros.com

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United Spinal Association Advocacy Network

With guests

Steve Lieberman

United Spinal Association Director of Advocacy & Policy

Annie Streit

United Spinal Association Grassroots Advocacy Manager

Website and Logo: https://unitedspinal.org/

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Building Green and Complete Streets for People of All Ages and Abilities

With guests

Liza Burkin -Lead Organizer, Providence Streets Coalition

Webpage: pvdstreets.org

Marjorie Waters- Community Organizer, Rhode Island Organizing ProjectWebpage: https://sites.google.com/.../rhodeislandorganizingpr.../riop

Matt R. Netto -Associate State Director of Advocacy, AARP Rhode Island

Webpage: www.aarp.org/ri

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We are talking everything about

RAMP real access motives progress 501C3 nonprofit

 With guests

Tina Guenette Pedersen

CEO/President/Founder/People Connector

Diana Perkins

Board Member & Includesign Founder

Michael A. Matracia

Board Member

Christina Battista

Board Member

Justin Oakley

Board Member, owner Oakley Home Access

Website: WWW.RAMPisinclusion.com

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Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitation Services - ORS

With guests

Jennifer Fiske

Supervisor, Central RI Region

Alicia DiMasi Peters

Supervisor, Northern RI Region

Website: www.ors.ri.gov

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Rhode Island Coalition to End Homelessness

With Guest

Diamond Madsen

Voices of Homelessness

Yanine Castedo

Community Organizer

Wendy Thomas 

viices of the homeless

Websites: rihomeless.org | cesri.info  

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RI Women In The Trades

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Anita Bruno

CEO Founder RI Women in the Trades

Jeannine Giguere-Gagnon

Treasurer RI Women in the Trades  

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MAE Organization For The Homeless

With guests

Martinha Javid, founder

Marie Cazeault Boutin, Food service director

Website: maeorg.Org

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Motion Composites

With guests

Todd Richardson

ATP Eastern US Regional Sales Manager

Christie Weaver Hamstra,

PT, DPT, ATP Clinical Education Specialist, Motion Composites

Chris Collin

NorthEast Territory Manager

Check out their NEW website!

wheelchairs: www.motioncomposites.com

Seating: www.dynamichcs.com

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Small business, ADA Compliance and more

With guests

Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos

Lieutenant Governor for the State of Rhode Island

Stefan Pryor

Commerce Secretary for the State of Rhode Island

Website: https://ltgov.ri.gov/


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 We are talking to Perspectives Corporation

With guests

Judy Niedbala  CEO

Kim Johnson Einloth   COO

Amy PageHuman

Resources Director

Website: https://www.perspectivescorporation.com/

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  The Fogarty Center

With guests

David Reiss, CEO

Heather Alge, COO

Kiernan ODonnell

Director of Day and Employment Services

website: www.fogartycenter.org

check out more https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E3db-tP_Hm9LfmCj8LxLmVFlnNFBhkb4/view?usp=sharing
Or https://intelligentlives.org/

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You will get a tour of the Impossible Dream Catamaran, a 58ft fully wheelchair accessible sailboat. You will hear interviews from the
cofounder Harry Horgan and Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos along with what it means to all our guests Diana Perkins Christina Battista Michael A. Matracia Jack Ringland. Hear from Captain Will and first mate Paulina Belsky about their adventures as well as how Beautiful Accessibility really is!!  

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                          Watch episode #48

 Talking to


Congressman Jim Langevin, Congressman David Cicilline,

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Senator Jack Reed

We will be discussing the 31st Anniversary of the signing of the ADA, as well as plans on their commitment to make RI more accessible and inclusive.

We will also be talking about RI FIRST ACCESSIBILITY IS BEAUTIFUL event, to register click the link: https://fb.me/e/2sEVP6Pth

To watch all previous podcasts go to Www.RAMPisinclusion.com

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 Talking to

Governor Dan McKee and Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos

We are discussing the 31st Anniversary of the signing of the ADA, as well as plans on their commitment to make RI more accessible and inclusive.

We are also talking about RI FIRST ACCESSIBILITY IS BEAUTIFUL event, to register click the link: https://fb.me/e/2sEVP6Pth

To watch all previous podcasts go to Www.RAMPisinclusion.com

click picture to watch episode #47

Watch all our episodes on The Coalition Talk Radio YouTube

We highlight businesses, resources and important topics that need to be addressed. A new show is added every Wednesday night after the live show streamed on social media .

Affordable ADA

Ri and Federal tax Breaks

Home Modification Grant

Click application link RI Livable Home Modification Complete Application Effective Oct 2019.pdf

Be a RAMP red bag carrier



·        Let your family, friends and Co-workers know you are a RAMP red bag  to give it to a medical team in case of emergency.


·        Keep your medical information close at hand and private.


·        Always keep your information updated easily and readily available. Not digital and easily accessible for emergency agencies with no technical issues.


·        Keep in your RAMP red bag -emergency contact, medical cards, medical information, medication, wishes in case of critical situations and more.


·        In case of an emergency, always look for the RAMP red bag

Being prepared is always the best practice.


If any Business or individual wants to sponsor bags to be directly donated, please contact us for more details. Remember: we are a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations and sponsors are tax deductible.

 ��Check out this article from Abilities Expo This truly saves lives, it saved mine and more already. ❤️If anyone or any business wants to sponsor some bags, please message me for details.

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RAMP & PVD Fest working together

RAMP Working to make PVD Fest accessible for all

RAMP is very proud to announce its collaboration with the City of Providence to ensure individuals with varying abilities have full access to this year’s PVD Fest June 10-12, 2022.

RAMP will be located in Kennedy Plaza and by the entrance to the skating rink.  Here you will find a shade tent, accessible restrooms information, wheelchairs for loaning, and people ready and willing to answer questions, comments, and/ or concerns you have about accessibility. You also get to see and use Tina's Table that was just unveiled on May 24th.  A beautiful artistic table that redefines public inclusion, accessibilty and function.

RAMP intends to help Providence make this a fully inclusive event and fun for everyone!

PVD Fest: https://pvdfest.com

RAMP's next event Accessibility is Beautiful 2022

register today: 

Disability Media

YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel 

RAMP real access motivates progress 

Advocate Spotlights of 4 Amazing women

Featuring: Christina Battista, Rhode Island, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) Victoria Sousa, Massachusetts, Spina Bifida (SB) Tina Guenette Pedersen, Rhode Island, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Lina Baker Jordan, Michigan, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Hear about their disability and how it affects their life. Nothing stops these women.

Accessible Bedroom

In this video I demonstrate how I move about my bedroom unassisted. I can get in and out of bed, do my hair and makeup and get out my clothes with the changes I made to make it fully accessible.

Accessible Bathroom

Jen takes you on a tour of her renovated accessible bathroom to help her manage her daily activities unassisted.

RAMP's Mission

We educate and advocate for accessibility and inclusion. We support all individuals with disabilities,

their families, and allies in creating safe and barrier free environment.

RAMP is a 501 (c) (3) organization. We support people with disabilities, their family and allies. 

Our Story

Founder President & CEO, Tina Guenette Pedersen, is a 4x cancer survivor, 4x Stroke survivor and 2 Heart attacks but keeps going.  In 2014, she walked into a minor surgery and suffered a spinal stroke and became paralyzed. She went from a woman able to walk, to relying on using a motorized wheelchair. Her world changed so much but she fought the odds and now will overcome the obstacles.


As she learned to navigate the world differently, Tina’s eyes were opened to the barriers people with disabilities faced daily.  Tina was used to an active lifestyle and realized people with disabilities face many challenges when accessing the same services people without disabilities use. She realized that access and acceptance was not guaranteed and knew it could be changed by awareness, education and tangible ideas.  In 2018, Tina started her advocacy of inclusion for all. In this journey she met many individuals with all types of disabilities and gathered insight and information for change. She was appointed to the Governor's Commission on Disability and voted as Vice Chairwoman and Chair of the Awareness committee as well as sits on many other committees. It was decided an organization was needed to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion and accessibility for all.


RAMP was created to break down barriers and prove we are all the same, just need the proper accessibility. With the help of people with disabilities, family members and allies, RAMP works toward educating and advocating inclusion for all in schools, businesses and the community at large. Positively opening eyes and pointing out the barriers is truly changing the world, one person at a time. Tina and RAMP were awarded several awards of community service, care giver organization of the year, commended for their podcast and more. A combination of commission work and organization to make a huge difference in Rhode Island and beyond. Working together with other likeminded organizations and opening the perspectives of others is what truly makes the difference, we are stronger together. RAMP with its many volunteers has positively open the eyes of many individuals, business and elected officials and now making physical changes to Rhode Island and the country. RAMP is recognized Nationally and works with many organizations across the country for change. Breaking barriers and making changes is what RAMP does and will continue to do until Inclusion for all is a reality.

From my Perspective 

Episode 1 - Sickness

You wake up and realize you have anything from a simple cold to the flu.
Your head hurts, off balance, possible both ends have turned on you and you need to make a run to to bathroom.
Now take away your legs ( you can’t run) you need to transfer into a wheelchair, roll to your the bathroom, transfer to the throne ( if ya make it in time) then do it all in reverse and repeat as needed.
Being paralyzed you are a perpetual gambler will I make it or will I not.
You pray sometimes you only need a bucket by your bed, then again it’s just out of reach and you gamble to stretch and fall off said bed.
Now your already weak, sore from falling and will take you even longer to get back up in chair to bed you give up grab your blanket and just lay on the floor for the duration.
So the next time you are feeling sick 🤢 realize it could always be worse.
I do the same for I could not be fortunate enough to even be able to transfer or get myself off the floor at some point.
Life is all about perspectives and realizing how blessed you are with what you can do.

Episode 2 - Discharge from the hospital

Since I have been in the hospital I have had two roommates both older than me and for the most part able to get around. They made us keep the curtain closed so we limited exposure ( which we are in a small room and both tested positive so there’s that. )
Both were released before me, their procedures
Had to do several walks up and down the corridor to ensure their oxygen was dropping too rapidly, both told to get up and move around slowly to keep everything moving, to not over lift anything and to change positions as much as possible.
My procedure obviously can’t walk so asked should I roll a wheelchair to see my stats? ( was told not needed). Should I be moved to sitting up in a chair? ( nope ) you don’t need 24/7 care but dont lift anything or strain. Well just transferring to the toilet, my chair, my bed, my couch etc I’m lifting my own body weight several times a day. Yeah don’t do that I’m told. So what do I do ? Just stay in your chair. Can’t sleep or use the bathroom from my chair. Well you can’t over do it so you will have to figure something out. Should I be moving around or small exercises to keep everything moving? No you don’t have to just rest you can’t expect to much.
Even healthcare needs to understand different abilities and different care and procedures. It’s sad that we are just sort of written off and left to our own devices to ensure full recovery.
Advocate for yourself, listen to what’s going on around you and make sure you find a way to prove them all wrong.
#RAMPisinclusion #RAMPredbag

Episode 3 -Mental health, accessibility and what NOT to do 

This contains a tip EVERYONE should know, please read
When anyone has a medical emergency and a rescue needs to be called it’s stressful, scary and the patient feels vulnerable. Now add the patient is a wheelchair user, this brings on a whole other layer of stress and vulnerability for you are completely at the merci of others even when the initial emergency is over. The rescue takes only the patient and not the wheelchair on transportation.
When I just had my long hospital stay I asked every shift, every nurse or doctor to please put a wheelchair in my room and explained why.
The only time we use the word confined is to the bed, chair or anywhere when no wheelchair is in arms reach. We are never confined to our wheelchairs, for us it’s freedom, security and a way to take care of ourselves. It is overly mentally stressing when you look over and you realize there is no way out in case of an emergency ( cause you know those that can get themselves out will be addressed first ) or have an unruly roommate ( anyone who has spent significant time in a hospital has had that experience least once).
I explained that mental health is directly connected to our physical health and looking over and not having the security of seeing the wheelchair is taxing on the mind. Every nurse, doctor and support staff understood what I was saying. They agreed with how helpful that would be and said they would bringing one right away. One never arrived to my room leaving me completely at the merci of an overworked and busy staff knowing I was trapped. This should have never happened.
We as wheelchair users often transfer out of our chairs at home ( no, we don’t sleep in our chairs) or to be more comfortable on the couch. We also may transfer out of them at a restaurant or movie venue or the beach to fully emerge in the event.
Here is the IMPORTANT TIP: NEVER move the wheelchair away from the user EVER for any reason. What you need to know is this chair is never in our way. It may be uncomfortable to you to see or feel your helping but what your actual doing is causing anxiety and stress to the user. If we can’t see it, touch it or access it we are trapped. If an emergency arises ( and yes could happen at any time why it’s called an emergency) we need to be able to help ourselves. Not waiting on anyone. Just imagine your at an event and a fire starts or a shooting happens and your tied to a chair with nowhere to go. It’s bad enough most places only have one way in which means one way out and this is usually through a back entrance. But at least we can fend for ourselves and have a chance to move around, to a better spot or shelter during the emergency. Do you really think if a fire or something happens anyone will be in a state of mind to go to another room, grab wheelchairs and deliver them to the owners? Or be able to get to the back of the theatre when everyone is in panic mode running out ?
So please again NEVER, move a wheelchair into another room, the back of a theatre or as you think out of the way. You will be causing stress, anxiety and pure panic to the user. They may be nice and quietly say ok for they know it’s being moved for others comfort not them but PLEASE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!
#RAMPisinclusion #RAMPredbag

RAMDOM acts of kindness 

Do something special for a total stranger, family or friend.
Hold a door, have a listening ear or just share a smile. You have no idea how much a small gesture could change their day.
If someone is sick, show up with a meal, or to do some light cleaning. Never wait for the call of help it won’t come.
If someone is sad, send a card, make a call or show up for a visit. Let them know they are not alone.
There are so many ways everyday we can make a difference, don’t waste that opportunity for it not only helps someone else it also fills your heart and changes you for the better.
Next time it could be you on the receiving end!!
#WorldKindnessDay #Bekind #RAMPisinclusion #RAMPredbag #worldambassadororganization


This is an incredible organization providing real results to improve and enhance the lives of ALL with disabilities. Tina is committed to providing countless opportunities to all those living with disabilities and strives to make life fair and inclusive, creating equality for all.

Kay Starc
Tina is such an advocate for inclusion. She truly spends every waking moment helping others. She demonstrates a strength that not only inspires but makes positive changes for all. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that RAMP has in store for our community and state!
Leah Marini

Tina is an advocator and educator (and more). Her insight has been so helpful and she is devoted to creating equality in her community. Tina is the epitome of what I believe is a true role model to everyone. The impact of this organization is substantial and creates necessary leaders in our communities. 

Irene Wei

I just love the fact that RAMP is about making change for those with mobility needs and other disabilities visible and invisible.

Monroe Cheryl

Thank you to our Sponsors

Oakley Home Access is excited to partner with RAMP in our joint goal of creating more accessible housing, and businesses in the community. Oakley Home Access specializes in home modifications for Aging in Place, Fall Prevention, and Accessibility. While we have assisted a number of small businesses improve the accessibility of their building, working in partnership with RAMP will create more opportunities in the commercial sector thanks to their expansive outreach in the small business community. RAMP is a tremendous resource and advocate for how accessibility options can not only benefit customers, but also benefit business owners with increased marketability and return on investment. In that process, Oakley Home Access is proud to offer our Free Safety Assessment to all businesses which will provide them with an itemized list of modifications/recommendations to make their business more accessible to their patrons. 


website: thelapsnap.com

  Includesign is a RI based product design firm with the goal of creating products that empower individuals with disabilities around the world. Our first product, the LapSnap, is a versatile, accessible carry-all designed with and for wheelchair users  

The Steel Yard

27 Sims Ave Providence RI 

website: thesteelyard.org

  the Steel Yard offers arts and technical training programs designed to increase opportunities for cultural and artistic expression.

The Steel Yard is an award-winning industrial arts center, a manufacturer of custom and functional public-art, a craft school and shared studio, and Providence's most unique private outdoor venue . The Steel Yard is Fully accessible and welcoming to individuals of all abilities.

Melissa Baker, Realtor Century 21,

The White Lion Group

  Melissa is a huge supporter and a dedicated sponsor of RAMP and all our efforts.
In addition to sitting on our Board of Directors, she is a successful business owner, Autism mom and advocate.
Thank you, Melissa, for all you do!  


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