Accessibility is Beautiful 

September 18th 3:00pm - 8:00pm

RI’s first event on the importance of accessibility and inclusion. This event will help business learn how to become affordably accessible, include individuals of all abilities and raise your bottom line. It Will feature, a market place, accessible tours, entertainment, artists and so much more. You will hear from fellow business owners, legislators and the community advocates on ways to improve your businesses and get ready for the future.
You will not want to miss out on this Free Event!! 

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Inclusion and Accessibility for all

Our Goals

Elementary, Middle, High Schools

 - Assembly presentations about disability, bullying & life curve balls 

- Book readings, discussions and Q & A

- Disability sensitivity



- Accessibility assessments - how to make your business accessible and disability friendly in an affordable way.

- Access 101: Accessibility Design Standards for a Small Business

- Hiring People with Disabilities

- Disability Sensitivity Training   

- Untapped: How to Market to People with Disabilities

- Create YouTube videos to promote accessible businesses on our channel

 College and Specialty Schools

- Presentations about disability types and interactions

- Disability Sensitivity Training 

- Advocacy in college and the future workplace for individuals with a disability 


Disability Community

-We connect the proper resources with the individuals in need.

-We offer support groups on many different topics and areas.

-We plan to offer financial assistance to those needing wheelchairs, generators, ramps, grab bats and more. 

We need sponsors and grants before this  can be offered



- Available for panel discussions in a wide variety of topics, inclusive event planning, and private consulting to help ensure your event is welcoming to all. 

RAMP is always open to partnering for events. We promote inclusion and would love to be part of your community. Feel free to contact us for more information, or inquiries on ways we can partner. 


Together we can make inclusion a REALITY!

First barrier we break is

ALL services are FREE!!

If you like what we do, we ask you make a donation to the Organization. 


T-Shirt Store

Many styles, themes & colors to choose 

RAMP red bag initiative

Save lives and get your bags

Please comment you address,

# of bags requesting


Be a RAMP red bag carrier



·        Let your family, friends and Co-workers know you are a RAMP red bag  to give it to a medical team in case of emergency.


·        Keep your medical information close at hand and private.


·        Always keep your information updated easily and readily available. Not digital and easily accessible for emergency agencies with no technical issues.


·        Keep in your RAMP red bag -emergency contact, medical cards, medical information, medication, wishes in case of critical situations and more.


·        In case of an emergency, always look for the RAMP red bag

Being prepared is always the best practice.


If any Business or individual wants to sponsor bags to be directly donated, please contact us for more details. Remember: we are a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations and sponsors are tax deductible.

 💕Check out this article from Abilities Expo This truly saves lives, it saved mine and more already. ❤️If anyone or any business wants to sponsor some bags, please message me for details.

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RAMP Podcasts Wednesday nights live at 7:00 pm

                          Watch episode #46

 We will be celebrating RAMP’s 1 YEAR PODCAST ANNIVERSARY Turning the tables on the host and interviewing her all about RAMP.


Tina Guenette Pedersen

CEO/ President/Founder of RAMP real access motivates progress

Justin Oakley will Host and ask the questions tonight 

Co-owner of Oakley Home Acess, Board member of RAMP, sponsor and partner to the initiative

We will also be talking about our Accessibility is Beautiful event   

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Talking with

Secratary of State

Nellie M. Gorbea  

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Rhode Island Department of Health

With guest

James V. McDonald,MD, MPH

Medical Director at the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH)  

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  Raise the Bar on Resident Care

With guests

Nicole O'Loughlin

1199 SEIU Rhode Island, State Council Executive Director

Marjorie Waters

Rhode Island Organizing Project, Community Organizer

David Veliz

Rhode Island Interfaith Coalition to Reduce Poverty 

Director & Lead Organizer  

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RI Elder Info

With guest

Deb Burton


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                          Watch episode #41


With guest

Christine Gadbois, DNP, RN, PMH-BC, PHNA-BCCEO, CareLink


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  Veterans Affairs

With guest

 Kasim Yarn

Director of the Office of Veterans Services

website –

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                          Watch episode #39

  Statewide independent living center (SILC)

With guests

James Litvack


Michael A. Matracia

Co-Vice chair

Christina Battista



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The Care Concierge of New England

With guest

Paul Jones



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Oakley Home Access - How to fund Home Modifications and more

With guests:

Justin Oakley

Co-Owner, Occupational Therapist

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                    Watch episode #36

RI's Self-Employment Small Business Incubator"

Project for people with disabilities

with Guests

Sue Babin

Project director

Jack Carfagna & Karyn Carfagna

Mr C's Old Thyme Scents candles and room sprays

Karen Gasperini

Children’s Author  

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                          Watch episode #35

   Habitat for Humanity West Bay & Northern RI Inc

With guests

Amy Gates,

President Habitat of West Bay and Northern RI

Louise Carriere,

Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Chair

Rick Masnyk -

 Vice President, and Family Selection Chair


To watch all previous podcasts go to

click picture to watch episode #35

Watch all our episodes on The Coalition Talk Radio YouTube

We highlight businesses, resources and important topics that need to be addressed. A new show is added every Wednesday night after the live show streamed on social media .

Disability Media

YouTube Channel

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RAMP real access motivates progress 

Advocate Spotlights of 4 Amazing women

Featuring: Christina Battista, Rhode Island, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) Victoria Sousa, Massachusetts, Spina Bifida (SB) Tina Guenette Pedersen, Rhode Island, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Lina Baker Jordan, Michigan, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Hear about their disability and how it affects their life. Nothing stops these women.

Accessible Bedroom

In this video I demonstrate how I move about my bedroom unassisted. I can get in and out of bed, do my hair and makeup and get out my clothes with the changes I made to make it fully accessible.

Accessible Bathroom

Jen takes you on a tour of her renovated accessible bathroom to help her manage her daily activities unassisted.

RAMP's Mission

We educate and advocate for accessibility and inclusion. We support all individuals with disabilities,

their families, and allies in creating safe and barrier free environment.

RAMP is a 501 (c) (3) organization. We support people with disabilities, their family and allies. 

Our Story

Founder President & CEO, Tina Guenette Pedersen, is a 4x cancer survivor, 3x Stroke survivor.  In 2014, she walked into a minor surgery and had a spinal stroke and became paralyzed. She went from a woman able to walk, to relying on using a motorized wheelchair. Her world changed so much but she fought the odds and now will overcome the obstacles.


As she learned to navigate the world differently, Tina’s eyes were opened to the barriers people with disabilities faced daily.  Tina was used to an active lifestyle and realized people with disabilities face many challenges when accessing the same services people without disabilities use. She realized that access and acceptance was not guaranteed and knew it could be changed by awareness, education and tangible ideas.  In 2018, Tina was named Ms. Wheelchair Rhode Island and her advocacy of inclusion for all began. In this journey she met many individuals with all types of disabilities and gathered insight and information for change. She was appointed to the Governor's Commission on Disability and voted as Vice Chairwoman and Chair of the Awareness committee as well as sits on many other committees'. It was decided an organization was needed to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion and accessibility for all.


RAMP was created to break down barriers and prove we are all the same, just need the proper accessibility. With the help of people with disabilities, family members and allies, RAMP works toward educating and advocating inclusion for all in schools, businesses and the community at large. Positively opening eyes and pointing out the barriers is truly changing the world, one person at a time. Tina was awarded the American Women of Service Elite Rhode Island title and was the first person of disability to compete at the National Level. She will compete this September in Maine to hopefully be the first person of disability to win a national title with this organization about women empowering women through civic and community service. She has combined her title, commission work and organization to make a huge difference in Rhode Island and beyond. RAMP with its many volunteers has positively open the eyes of many individuals, business and elected officials and now making physical changes. RAMP is recognized Nationally and works with many organizations across the country for change. Breaking barriers and making changes is what RAMP does and will continue to do until Inclusion for all is a reality.


This is an incredible organization providing real results to improve and enhance the lives of ALL with disabilities. Tina is committed to providing countless opportunities to all those living with disabilities and strives to make life fair and inclusive, creating equality for all.

Kay Starc
Tina is such an advocate for inclusion. She truly spends every waking moment helping others. She demonstrates a strength that not only inspires but makes positive changes for all. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that RAMP has in store for our community and state!
Leah Marini

Tina is an advocator and educator (and more). Her insight has been so helpful and she is devoted to creating equality in her community. Tina is the epitome of what I believe is a true role model to everyone. The impact of this organization is substantial and creates necessary leaders in our communities. 

Irene Wei

I just love the fact that RAMP is about making change for those with mobility needs and other disabilities visible and invisible.

Monroe Cheryl


RAMP is a 501c3 nonprofit and 100% volunteer organization. All donations are tax deductible and will help the disability community through affordable accessibility and assistance. All donations are used directly to support accessibility, programs and initiatives. We thank you in advance for helping us make a difference in making the lives of the disability community full, enriched and inclusive today.  

Donations Welcomed and Tax Dedictable


Need more information? Contact us and we will help with all of your

accessibility and inclusion needs.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Oakley Home Access is excited to partner with RAMP in our joint goal of creating more accessible housing, and businesses in the community. Oakley Home Access specializes in home modifications for Aging in Place, Fall Prevention, and Accessibility. While we have assisted a number of small businesses improve the accessibility of their building, working in partnership with RAMP will create more opportunities in the commercial sector thanks to their expansive outreach in the small business community. RAMP is a tremendous resource and advocate for how accessibility options can not only benefit customers, but also benefit business owners with increased marketability and return on investment. In that process, Oakley Home Access is proud to offer our Free Safety Assessment to all businesses which will provide them with an itemized list of modifications/recommendations to make their business more accessible to their patrons. 

Melissa Baker, Realtor Century 21,

The White Lion Group

  Melissa is a huge supporter and a dedicated sponsor of RAMP and all our efforts.
In addition to sitting on our Board of Directors, she is a successful business owner, Autism mom and advocate.
Thank you, Melissa, for all you do!  

Jason Rose, Mortgage Advisor 

Nations Lending

 Five Star Mortgage Guy, Jason Rose- Personal Mortgage Advisor NMLS 1526439 

Licensed in RI, MA, CT, NJ, FL, NC, and OH

Jason is a supporter and sponsor of all RAMP's Initiatives.

Thank you Jason for all that you do!