About RAMP

RAMP is a 501 (c) (3) organization. We support people with disabilities, their family and allies. 

RAMP in the Community

In the Community

RAMP loves being out and about in the community. Whether it's accessing a business, supporting events from other organizations or doing accessibility information to the public, we are here to help.

RAMP does not charge for our services. We are a completely 100% volunteer organization. We are all about breaking barriers and ensuring everyone can afford to learn the importance of accessibility.

Need a motivational speaker?

  • Want your classes to learn all about disabilities and how to interact?
  • Want to learn how to hire and/or train your staff to have positive interactions with all abilities?
  • Want to know how step by step to make your business affordably accessibility?
  • Have a project or need volunteer hours?

If you said YES to any of these questions, contact RAMP.

Are you a business?

The more businesses that are fully accessible, the more people you allow to make memories with family and friends.  This also causes you to raise your bottom line. The more you let in, the more money you make.

Let us help you every step of the way, from tax breaks, grants, many different ideas, layouts, contractors, solutions and so much more.  We would love to help you FREE of charge.

We operate on donations, so if we benefitted your business or life make a donation you can afford.  If you're looking for a great place to donate, we are always looking for corporate or business sponsors.

RAMP is your one stop accessible shop.


"This is an incredible organization providing real results to improve and enhance the lives of ALL with disabilities. Tina is committed to providing countless opportunities to all those living with disabilities and strives to make life fair and inclusive, creating equality for all."

- Kay Starc

 "Tina is such an advocate for inclusion. She truly spends every waking moment helping others. She demonstrates a strength that not only inspires but makes positive changes for all. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that RAMP has in store for our community and state!"  

- Leah Marini

"I just love the fact that RAMP is about making change for those with mobility needs and other disabilities visible and invisible."

- Monroe Cheryl

"Tina is an advocator and educator (and more). Her insight has been so helpful and she is devoted to creating equality in her community. Tina is the epitome of what I believe is a true role model to everyone. The impact of this organization is substantial and creates necessary leaders in our communities."

- Irene Wei

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Oakley Home Access

Oakley Home Access is excited to partner with RAMP in our joint goal of creating more accessible housing, and businesses in the community. Oakley Home Access specializes in home modifications for Aging in Place, Fall Prevention, and Accessibility. While we have assisted a number of small businesses improve the accessibility of their building, working in partnership with RAMP will create more opportunities in the commercial sector thanks to their expansive outreach in the small business community. RAMP is a tremendous resource and advocate for how accessibility options can not only benefit customers, but also benefit business owners with increased marketability and return on investment. In that process, Oakley Home Access is proud to offer our Free Safety Assessment to all businesses which will provide them with an itemized list of modifications/recommendations to make their business more accessible to their patrons. 


includesign is a Rhode Island based product design firm with the goal of creating products that empower individuals with disabilities around the world. Our first product, the LapSnap, is a versatile, accessible carry-all designed with and for wheelchair users.

The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard offers arts and technical training programs designed to increase opportunities for cultural and artistic expression. The Steel Yard is an award-winning industrial arts center, a manufacturer of custom and functional public-art, a craft school and shared studio, and Providence's most unique private outdoor venue. The Steel Yard is fully accessible and welcoming to individuals of all abilities.

Melissa Baker, Realtor - Century 21

The White Lion Group

Melissa is a huge supporter and a dedicated sponsor of RAMP and all our efforts.

In addition to sitting on our Board of Directors, she is a successful business owner, Autism mom and advocate. Thank you, Melissa, for all you do!