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Meet USA National SLICC Ambassador 2022

The first person of disability to win nationally in a mainstream competition

Words from Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos:

"Tina Guenette Pedersen, who I am proud to call a friend, has brilliantly represented RI as the first-ever USA SLICC Ambassador with a disability. I was thrilled to welcome her back to Rhode Island after her victory! Tina is a long-time, passionate advocate for equity and the founder of RAMP real access motivates progress. I’m excited to see what she achieves next!"

Words from Congressman James Langevin:

"Rhode Island’s very own disability champion, Tina Guenette Pedersen, is this year’s USA National SLICC Ambassador! Tina worked incredibly hard, and it paid off, because she is the first person with a disability to win this national title. Congratulations!"

Tina wears a green dress, tiara, and sash as the newest National SLICC Ambassador

Words from Tina:

"I still can’t believe I’m your new 👑USA National SLICC Ambassador 2022!! 👑 This is not a year of being served but a year of serving. Let me help to promote your organization events by inviting me to participate and spreading the word. I want to wear my crown out with lots of community service, always showing up and appearances. The work is just beginning for my year-long job of a lifetime. ❤️RHODE ISLAND I’m bringing the crown home!! As the only person of disability to compete at this level, in a mainstream competition and win the national title, I’m proud to say we broke another barrier, and the sky is the limit. Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!"

RAMP CEO/President Wins Regional Title USA Ambassador Mrs. Southern New England 2022

Tina wears a green dress, tiara, and sash
Tina is surrounded by supporters celebrating her Mrs. Southern New England title win

A community service-based competition as the only person of physical disability to compete

On July 23rd, Tina will be driving to Florida to interview for a yearlong job of a lifetime. Competing for the National USA Ambassador & SLICC Ambassador (SLICC- Success through Leadership, Integrity, Character and Confidence) titles will be an amazing opportunity. As the only person of physical disability to compete at this level is barrier breaking and a chance to prove we can do anything we put our minds too. One of the top prizes is a mission trip to one of 26 locations in the world. Imagine sending a wheelchair user to help others in the world, and the message that says to all? Tina put in the work and completed so much community service, which is just who she is and ready to bring these titles home to Rhode Island.

As you can imagine, driving 20 1/2 hours alone in her wheelchair will be interesting. Stopping along the way at rest stops for gas, rest, and restrooms will be a challenge if not accessible. The hotel stays and travel expenses are costly and where she needs your help. If you would like to support her journey to these barrier breaking titles, you can
VENMO: @RAMPTina or PAYPAL: ramptina@yahoo.com (note: Road to Nationals) Any business that wants to be a sponsor can message her for sponsor packet and it will be a tax-deductible sponsorship. You will also get social media exposure in our SPONSOR SPOTLIGHTS.

This adventure means so much to not only Tina, but the entire disability community to let everyone know we need to be seen and heard. We need to not be judged on what you think we can’t do, but celebrated for what we can. Tina is looking forward to making Rhode Island proud and a leader for inclusion for all. Any extra monies will be donated to RAMP real access motivates progress to help continue the initiatives for accessibility and inclusion for all.


Working Together

The logo for PVD Fest sits above the RAMP real access motivates progress logo on a blue background

RAMP Working to Make PVD Fest Accessible for All

RAMP is very proud to announce its collaboration with the City of Providence to ensure individuals with varying abilities have full access to this year’s PVD Fest June 10-12, 2022.

RAMP will be located in Kennedy Plaza and by the entrance to the skating rink.  Here you will find a shade tent, accessible restrooms information, wheelchairs for loaning, and people ready and willing to answer questions, comments, and/ or concerns you have about accessibility.

You also get to see and use Tina's Table that was just unveiled on May 24th, a beautiful artistic table that redefines public inclusion, accessibility, and function.

RAMP intends to help Providence make this a fully inclusive event and fun for everyone!

PVD Fest: https://pvdfest.com

RAMP's next event Accessibility is Beautiful 2022

Register today:

RAMP Board Member Recognized for Her Hard Work

Congratulations to includesign, LLC CEO Diana Perkins and RAMP Board Secretary on being named one of the Rhode Island Inno 2021 "5 Under 25"!

Diana was selected "not just for her achievements, but for her ability to focus on the LapSnap's target customer while building the product." 

Read more about Diana, includesign, and her fellow honored entrepreneurs in the latest edition of The Business Journal Rhode Island

Photo of Diana Perkins tinted in blue and set inside a hexagon background. Text: Diana Perkins, CEO includesign, Rhode Island INNO "5 Under 25".

Disability Media

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Advocate Spotlights of 4 Amazing Women

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