RAMP's Services

RAMP is always open to partnering for events. We promote inclusion and would love to be part of your community. Feel free to contact us for more information, or inquiries on ways we can partner. 

Where RAMP Works

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

  • Assembly presentations about disability, bullying & life curve balls 
  • Book readings, discussions and Q & A
  • Disability sensitivity

Colleges and Specialty Schools

  • Presentations about disability types and interactions
  • Disability Sensitivity Training
  • Advocacy in college and the future workplace for individuals with a disability  
  • Disability sensitivity


  • Accessibility assessments - how to make your business accessible and disability friendly in an affordable way.
  • Access 101: Accessibility Design Standards for a Small Business
  • Hiring People with Disabilities
  • Disability Sensitivity Training   
  • Untapped: How to Market to People with Disabilities
  • Create YouTube videos to promote accessible businesses on our channel

Disability Community

  • We connect the proper resources with the individuals in need
  • We offer support groups on many different topics and areas
  • We plan to offer financial assistance to those needing wheelchairs, generators, ramps, grab bats and more
  • We need sponsors and grants before this can be offered! 


  • Available for panel discussions in a wide variety of topics 
  • Inclusive event planning
  • Private consulting to help ensure your event is welcoming to all

Affordable ADA

RI and Federal Tax Breaks

Find out more information at the Rhode Island Department of State Business Services.

Home Modification Grant

Find more information at the State of Rhode Island Governor's Commission on Disabilities. (revised 5-22)